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What is an inverter arc welding machine?


An inverter welder is an electric device that regulates the voltage by converting the AC power supply using a series of electronic components for conversion. They are versatile, light in weight, and complete tasks with perfection efficiently. The inverter welder contains silicon components that control the current rectification process and frequency boosting. The above helps with the control of machine output and with overload protection.

The silicon technology ensures electronic control in the welding process. The technology converts the primary AC to DC before the current frequency increases. Lastly, the current is converted back to DC for the electrode supply.


inverter arc welding machine


How to use an inverter arc welding machine


Inverter welders are easy to install and operate compared to conventional transformer welders. We will also have a manual to help you understand if anyone needs to know, otherwise there are YouTube videos that can provide some help, and you can also ask us directly for advice on how to do it. The following steps will provide a learning base for the process of properly operating an inverter welder.

First, you must consider your safety by wearing safety equipment like a helmet, shoes, and gloves for protection.

Connect the inverter welding machine to an electric socket, and then make the ground, positive and negative connection to the workstation.

Select the necessary tools and settings and commence the welding process.

After cleaning the pieces to be welded, place them adjacent. Refine the materials to form a V-shaped depression.


Move the inverter welder slowly along the depression in a unidirectional way to form a joint.

Grind and file the extra weld for a uniform and smooth finish.


Advantages of inverter arc welding machine


Small, compact, and portable

One significant and foremost advantage of an inverter welder is that it is compact, small, and portable. In contrast to the traditional welder, cumbersome and not easily portable, the inverter welder has a small transformer that makes it more compact, sleek, and mobile. For instance, a 5 kg inverter welder can provide similar output or even better than a 50 kg transformer-based conventional welding machine.


Lower power consumption

An inverter arc welding machine consumes less power, thus saving on the total energy cost. Additionally, an inverter welder accepts power from a generator better than the traditional welder resulting in faster jobs and time savings. Since they consume less power, the inverter arc welder does not necessarily need high voltage current and can be plugged into household sockets and perform their job. On the other hand, the conventional welder will need a high-voltage current from an industrial generator.


inverter arc welding machine




The inverter arc welding machine offers reasonable control over the electric arc compared to conventional arc welders. Because of the ease and stability of the controlled arc, the inverter welders ensure viable welds. The inverters are easy to maintain and operate as their customized software is according to the arc control with a high open circuit voltage.

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