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TIG welding


What is TIG Welding, MIG Welding and MAG Welding?

1, TIG welding is generally a hand-held welding gun, the other hand welding wire, suitable for small-scale operation and repair of manual welding.

2, MIG and MAG, welding wire through automatic wire feeding mechanism from the welding gun, suitable for automatic welding, of course, can also be used by hand.

3. The difference between MIG and MAG mainly lies in the protective gas. Equipment is similar, but the former is generally protected by argon gas, suitable for welding non-ferrous metals; The latter is generally doped with carbon dioxide active gas in argon, Suitable for scenarios where high-strength steel and high alloy steel are welded.

4, TIG, MIG is inert gas welding, commonly known as argon arc welding. The inert gas can be argon or helium, but argon is cheap, so it is commonly used, so inert gas arc welding is generally called argon arc welding.


Comparison of MIG welding and TIG welding

MIG welding uses external gas as an arc medium and protects the metal droplets, welding pool, and welding zone high-temperature metal arc welding method, called MIG gas shielded arc welding. Inert gas (Ar or He) shielded arc welding with solid cored wire is called MIG arc welding, short for MIG welding.


MIG welding is the same as TIG welding except that a metal wire is used to replace the tungsten electrode in the torch. As a result, the welding wire is melted by the arc and fed into the welding zone. The electric drive roller sends the wire to the torch from the spool according to the welding requirements, and the heat source is also a DC arc. However, its polarity is the exact opposite of that used in TIG welding. The protective gas used is also different. Argon is added with 1% oxygen to improve the stability of the arc. The same as MIG welding and TIG welding, it can weld almost all metals, especially suitable for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel, and other materials. There is only a small amount of evaporation loss during the welding process and almost no oxidation burns, so its metallurgical process is not very complicated.


TIG, MIG, MAG welding environment

The choice of welding process depends on the influence of the environment. Is the workpiece exposed to the outdoor environment, or can it be welded while protecting it from wind and weather?

TIG and MIG/MAG processes require protective gas shielding provided by a separate gas supply. This can only be ensured in an enclosed space or by masking the part so that the supply of protective gas is not blown away.

Manual arc welding is the best method for outdoor welding. The coating that burns during the welding process creates a protective gas and slag that protects the melt from chemical reactions that can occur when it comes in contact with air.

Manual arc welding does not require protective gas, so the process can also be used outdoors.


Comparison of weld quality between TIG, MIG, and MAG

TIG is preferred where weld quality is Paramount. TIG weld has the best mechanical properties. Very high quality can also be achieved with MIG/MAG weld processing. However, high-quality TIG weld seam processing requires a high degree of purity at the joint edge prior to welding. They must be completely clean, and free of rust, oil, grease, and any other impurities, to use the TIG process.TIG welding process can produce a very high-quality weld but requires very clean, welding speed is low.


Welding speed

High speed can be important in terms of cost-effectiveness in situations where large quantities need to be produced in a short period of time. But high welding speeds also mean fewer heat-affected zones on parts. This zone is formed in the weld zone, where heat input to the workpiece reduces the properties of the metal. Heat locally hardens the metal, making it brittle, causing cracks or fractures, and reducing tensile strength. Therefore, it is important to minimize the amount of heat introduced into the base material.MIG/MAG welding process welding speed, good weld quality, and a wide range of functions.

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