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The Best Inverter Plasma Cutter




Are you in a welding workshop and having trouble cutting the metals? Worry no more; at Shenzhen Tribet Technology, we are experienced and devoted manufacturers of  Inverter Plasma Cutter machines. The welding work can be hard and stressful sometimes, especially if one is not equipped with the right working tools. The majority of welders experience a lot of problems in finding an easy way to be able to cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. However, Shenzhen Tribet Technology provides inverter plasma cutter machines that make welding easy. Here is an article on the various quality inverter plasma cutter machines available in our company.


inverter plasma cutter


What is an inverter Plasma Cutter?


An inverter plasma cutter is a metal cutter with a high-frequency arc start or pilot arc to jump-start the plasma to facilitate an efficient and effective cutting of the various metal materials. At Shenzhen Tribet Technology Co., Ltd, we provide inverter plasma cutter machines that are smaller and lightweight, requiring just a small space for storage.


Top Reviews of the Best Inverter Plasma Cutter?


At Shenzhen Tribet Technology Co. Ltd, quality is key, and we are devoted to manufacturing the best inverter plasma cutter machines. Below is a description of some of the best inverter plasma cutter machines you can rely on in your workshop.


Cut40 mos air plasma cutting machine

One of the best air inverter plasma cutters features a flash arc start program making it the most preferred metal cutting machine. The machine is commonly used in heavy-duty workshops due to its amazing features, including low-pressure protection function, gun electrode, and longer nozzle life. To ensure a smooth and desirable service,  the machine has several additional features that make it suitable for heavy-duty use, including a high-frequency arc. This longer maintenance circuit life enables it to be used to cut heavy metals. Advantageously, the machine is highly efficient, grid-adaptive, and features a triple-proof duct design, making it a long-life solution.


Cut60DV air plasma cutting machine

One of the top-performing air plasma cutting machines is readily available at Shenzhen Tribet Technology Co. Ltd. The machine is widely used in welding workshops that deal with heavy and high-quality metals. Amazing, the machine is highly rated due to its great features, including an arc-starting unit, non-contact arc cutting, and a flash arc start program that makes cutting materials efficient and effective. In ensuring,  the services offered by the machine are up to standard, the machine provides a high-frequency arc and a long-life maintenance circuit.


 Cut40 with pressure valve air

 A top inverter plasma cutter that operates using pressure contains installed pressure value making it more reliable. The machine has a current PWM program and a full-bridge IGBT program, which is common in welding companies dealing with construction metal cutting. But the interesting thing is, its flash arc start program makes the work of the cutting machine easier, more efficient, and more effective. The high-frequency arc and a low-pressure protection function make the machine more unique and highly preferred. Advantageously, the machine provides a wide power grid adaptation, a high-duty cycle, and a standard maximum cutting thickness of 12 mm.




At Shenzhen Tribet Technology Co. Ltd, we offer high-quality inverter plasma cutter machines that make welding efficient, easy, and effective. The company is a well-known workshop situated at 1000 square meters with approved production and texting. We are good suppliers with a modern workshop, advanced production lines, and testing mechanisms.

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